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About the Circle

The London Live DIY HiFi Circle is an informal group dedicated to the advancement of do-it-yourself audio reproduction. It has been active since October 1990 and has a current membership of around fifty. Although the group is based in London, there are also members spread across England and in other countries. 

Alternative HiFi

Many music lovers believe that the only route to quality audio reproduction in the home is by the purchase of esoteric or 'high-end' HiFi gear. While it is true that high-priced units will generally sound considerably better than common consumer systems, they are only affordable by the few. But there is another way. Standard good-quality gear can be transformed in performance by upgrading internal components or rebuilding with modified circuitry. Mechanical modifications to loudspeakers or turntables can be surprisingly effective. 

Ultimately, building your own units or even complete systems from components can produce top-league performance for a fraction of the cost of the commercial equivalent. 

Aims and Objectives

The Circle exists to share the collective knowledge, skill and experience of the members in these endeavours, and to introduce like-minded music lovers to the benefits they can bring. We believe that we have advanced the art of DIY audio in a number of areas. In addition, The Circle provides a lively forum for the exchange of musical tastes and discoveries. It's the music, after all, that drives us to do what we do!


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Last update 28th November 2010.