London DIY HiFi

More about the Circle


The Circle holds bi-monthly meetings, usually at the home of one of the members. Less formal gatherings are held monthly, at a pub in central London, where lively discussions about current or future projects take place, along with serious consultations between the 'experts' and the novices. 

Meetings even less formal than these take place even more frequently, between members with specific interests or a shared love of music in common. Real friendships have developed through these contacts. 

The Website

This website was first set up in 1997. Through it we hope to expand our contacts with the wider DIY audio community and increase the Circle membership. It has already introduced a few individuals to the Circle. Perhaps we can even encourage some practical-minded music lovers who have never considered modifying or building audio gear that the rewards can be greater than they might believe! 

Join Us!

We always welcome new members, whether they are audio veterans or complete beginners. A genuine enthusiasm for DIY Hi-Fi is the only 'qualification' required. A small cash contribution is collected annually from members. This is used to reimburse meeting hosts for providing a spot of lunch! 

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