Documents of interest to the audio enthusiast

This page has links to downloadable documents that may be of interest to Audio Enthusiasts. The documents are in HTML format unless stated otherwise. To view them right click the link and select "Save target as" to download the zip file. Expand the zip file using the "use folder names" option to preserve the directory structure. Then double click on the first page to view it.

Index for Audio Conversions
Here in the UK during the 1980's, the revival in DIY HiFi was accompanied by the magazine Audio Conversions. While reading these I compiled an
index (179kB) which you may be interested in having if you have any issues of the magazine yourself.

Classic British Amplifier
This (103kB) article briefly describes a CLASSIC BRITISH TRANSISTOR power amplifier. This (52kB) is a review of the integrated amplifier from the same manufacturer.

Constant Current Regulator
This (20kB) brief note describes how to use a standard 3 terminal voltage regulator as a constant current regulator.

D to A Conversion Technology
This (264kB) is an article that explains the various D/A Conversion technologies and discusses the factors that influence their sound. It is in Microsoft Word format.

This (3kB) article warns that the newer 20 bit CD formats may be 'snake oil', given that technology has not yet fully exploited the exiting 16 bit format.

This 18 page(805kB) article from 1996 examines the digital interface for flaws and examines the audibility of jitter.

Disk Drive Motor for Turntable Use
This (72kB) is an article which explains how to extract the motor from an old disk drive. It might be suitable for use in a turtable.

Linn LP12 & turntable Setup Manuals
20 page manual (723kB) describes how to set up the Linn LP12 turntable. This (6kB) is a 4 page manual describing how to set up Linn's Ittok arm. They are both in Microsoft Word format.

This document describes the relationship between cartridge compliance, arm mass and resonant frequency, which for best matching should be in the 8 - 12Hz range.

I have read internet posts by people who recommend using feeler gauges to adjust arm height and how by using their ears they can achieve the perfect Vertical Tracking Angle. Personally I am unable to achieve a repeatability of 1mm, let alone hear it! This (5kB) fact sheet describes why trying to achieve the perfect VTA is so futile, with a small correction by me to the maths.

There are more classic papers available at the Turntable Geometry site.

Mains spur
article (1082kB) discusses the benefits of having a dedicated mains spur for Audio use and describes how to install one.

MAX038 Function Generator
collection (946kB) began with Roy McAllan's Function Generator Circuit which uses the MAX038 chip. I have bundled it with other relevant documents and data sheets from the net. One possible uses of this chip is in mains regenerator 'a la' A. Nehan's London DIY HiFi Circle Newsletter article in 2001.

RIAA (phono) network reference paper
This (483kB) is one of the reference papers on the design of RIAA (more commonly known as phono) equalisation networks. It is in Microsoft Word format.

Replacing the Zobel filter
This (36kB) describes an alternative to the Zobel filter found at the output of virtually every transistor amplifier design. It is an approach I intend to use when building my Thagard/Pass A75 amplifier.

Report on the 1998 London HiFi Show
article (12kB) was first published in the Journal of the Melborne Audio Club. It describes my visit to the Hi-Fi News Show held in London 1998.

Superarms Review
article (14kB) has appeared in one of the UK HiFi magazines but was also posted to the Analogue Addicts mailing list prior to its publication. The arms covered are the Linn Ittok, Syrinx PU3, Alphason HR100S and Zeta. It is in plain ASCII.

Turn your table
A 10 page
article (233kB) examining the characteristics desirable in turntable motors.

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