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Dear Sirs,

RE: Vat charges for Switch Mode Power Supplies

I recently received an order for which the VAT and Duty may have been incorrectly calculated. I enclose copies of the following documents:

The Customs Declaration and Dispatch Note for both packages [the order was contained in two packages].

The charge notes from both packages.

The receipts for the charge notes.

The invoice from the supplier.

A page from the suppliers catalogue showing the units in the order and their individual price.

The suppliers web page advertising the units in the order.

This information should be sufficient to confirm that the total cost of 20 power supplies at $19.95 each is $399, and that the total cost charged by the supplier is $599.70.

The total VAT charged is £76.14 + £60.33, total £136.47. At a rate of 17.5% this equates to a total of £779.88, or $1115.15 at the exchange rate applicable at the time of the order. This total is far greater than that paid for the order even adding in subsequent Duty and additional charges.

Although I'm unable to explain exactly how the VAT has been calculated on this order I believe that the total cost of the goods has been included in the VAT for each of the packages rather than being split between them. I would welcome your reevaluation of the Customs charges applied to this consignment.

Yours faithfully,

Neil J Mackie

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