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- The Mod Squad is an extraordinary audio manufacturng modification company offering a unique portfolio of products and services.

- The Mod Squad is dedicated to the principles of real value (improvement gained per dollar spent) and customer satisfaction.

- The Mod Squad acts as exclusive agent for the creative modifications designed by Steve McCormac which combine the supremacy of today's technology with the sensitivity of meticulous hand craftmanship.

- The Mod Squad's work has been praised by Audio, Audiogram, International Audio Review, Sensible Sound, Stereophile, The Absolute Sound, England's Hi-Fi News & Record Review, and Italy's Super Stereo.

When you want to hear your system sound better than ever, call THE MOD SQUAD.

JUNE 1986


The least impressive part of many fine tonearms is the cable provided by their manufacturers. No tonearm can show you how good it sounds unless the signal it carries can be properly transferred into your system.

Mod Squad Tonearm Cable - This is the finest tonearm cable we have ever heard, passing more signal information with less distortion than of its competitors. We hand build these cables from the highest quality materials; gold-plated RCA jacks, Tiffany tonearm plugs, and wire with the best sonic qualities for front-end applications. A flex section ensures easy installation on suspension turntables. Convenient user options allow you to use this cable ungrounded and unshielded (ALL twin-axial cables sound best in this configuration), or grounded and shielded, or any combination of these two factors. Only a cable of such characteristics and flexibility allows you to determine exactly how well your cartridge and tonearm are functioning.

Mod Squad Tonearm Cable (8" flex section)  1m            $150
                                           1.5m           175
                                           2m             200

Mod Squad Sondek Tonearm, Cable (13" flex section) prices same as above

(Unusual tonearm connections available. Call for prices.)


Conventional tonearm interconnect cables suffer from two distinct handicaps: they are made from mediocre wire which does a poor job of transmitting the cartridge's delicate signal, and they are often stiff enough to interfere with your turntable's suspension, causing strain relief difficulties and creating a potential feedback path.

Our tonearm termination box solves these problems. Machined from black anodized aluminium and fitted with Tiffany RCA jacks, it mounts securely on the base or frame of your turntable. A very flexible section of top quality wire feeds into a Tiffany 5-pin tonearm connector. (Other available on a custom order basis. )

This system allows the use of any interconnect cable so you may choose from the finest available, or experiment if you wish. It also eliminates strain relief problems and cable borne feedback. RC loading compensation may be made in the termination box, close to the cartridge where it sounds best.

Mod Squad Tonearm Termination Box (8" flex section)          $125
Mod Squad Sondek Tonearm Termination Box (13" flex section)  $125


The Linn Ittok is rightly one of today's most popular tonearms. It offers the advantages of an excellent basic design, solid construction, superb bearings and good inertial characteristics.

This respectable package, however, is flawed by two important shortcomings: 1) the arm tube itself exhibits time-dispersive energy storage anomalies which significantly color the sound, causing negative consequences to both smoothness and imaging; 2) the internal tonearm wire is not of the same high quality as the other materials used in the stock unit.

We correct these problems with a two-part modification. The tube is treated with the resonance control techniques developed here for our own TRIPLANAR Tonearm, widely regarded as having the "deadest" tube in the industry. Then, we replace the internal wire with the same top quality material chosen for the TRIPLANAR. It's the best tonearm wire we have ever heard. Unless you request otherwise, we extend the internal wire beyond the front end of tube, eliminating the need for headshell leads.

Mod Squad Ittok - These alterations result in much more smoothness, better definition and inner detail, more precise focus, and greatly improved intertransient silence.

Ittok Tonearm Modification                                 $150

Mod Squad Basik & Basic Plus - We improve these well-designed tonearms by replacing the internal wire and installing proprietary resonance control features inside the arm tube. We also adjust the bearings for optimal performance. After modification you hear more inner detail, better lucidity and definition, and increased dynamic range. The sound is smoother with more purity and better imaging.

Basik & Basik Plus Plus Tonearm Modifications              $100

Order a Mod Squad Tonearm Cable when you have your tonearm modified and save $25.

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