London DIY HiFi


Who are we?

The membership covers a wide range of skills and experience. There are electronics and communications engineers, computer systems managers and programmers, motor manufacturing engineers, architects, graphic designers, plumbers, school teachers, school caretakers and the unemployed! Some are absolute beginners, while others have been building and tweaking for half their lives. All are driven by their love of music and the joy of doing things with their own hands (and the desire to save some money, of course). One of our members has recently published a highly regarded book on valve amplifiers. 

What's in it for you?

The novices gain much support from those more skilled, while the former often force the latter to reconsider accepted notions and pursue revised targets for both listening and measuring. Musical interests are as broad as the age range of the membership. Open minds allow much cross-fertilisation. Vinyl is the dominant medium but CD is making inroads slowly. 

How to join

If you would like to join this wide ranging and enthusiastic band of travellers on the road to audio Nirvana, drop us a line. Of course, to fully benefit from membership of The Circle it helps to be located near enough to London, England to show up at the meetings! We do have members, however, sprinkled around elsewhere. Go to our Contact page for email addresses. 

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