The Linn LP12 FAQ

I have had an Linn LP12 turntable since 1980. Such was the reputation of this turntable in the UK that it was one of the first consumer products I bought when I started working. 10 years later when access to the Internet was starting to become more generally available I joined the Analogue Addicts mailing list. My archive of interesting posts built up over the years. At one stage there was a move to produce FAQs for the popular turntables. I wanted to find out more about how to set-up my turntable so I volunteered to produce the Analogue Addicts LP12 FAQ.

Current status of the LP12 FAQ

The initial "Draft" version of the FAQ has been available on the Internet for a number of years. Since then more material has been gathered and some of it has been added to the FAQ. Unfortunately the FAQ and its source material have not yet got in sync, they may never get in sync, but to avoid further prevarication the "current" version is available below.

The latest version of the LP12 FAQ is V1.56 and is available here

Other sources of LP12 Information

There is more documentation for the LP12 in the documents section of this site (or via the Other->Documents menu). There is also an article by reviewer Jimmy Hughes on setting up the LP12 on the Origin Live web site.

and finally ...

Just a work of thanks to David Allcock who runs Analogue Addicts for his work supporting the list in the past and hopefully for a long time to come.

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