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This section has some Genesis memorabilia and an explanation of some of the references in "Mad Mad Moon" from the album "A Trick of the Tail". This is also bound up with the work of the late (and great IMHO) music critic Derek Jewel. This section has memorabilia for Peter Gabriel. Yes also have a page with some material.

I have been a member of the Analogue Addicts mailing list since the very early 1990's. At one stage there was an effort to put together FAQs for the common turntables. I have had a Linn LP12 since 1980 and in a effort to learn more about it I volunteered to produce the Analogue Addicts Linn LP12 FAQ. It and other Linn material can be found in this section.

I have had a Naim pre-amp since the mid 80's. I'm a member of the London DIY HiFi Circle and with the help of other Circlers began modifying my Naim pre-amp. Details can be found in this section.

In the first half of 2000 I built a valve amplifier, the Bottlehead paraglow. It was quite a learning experience, which is all gathered in this section.

This section has a selection of Audio related documents available for download.

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